Newton Kumar, a rookie government Newtonclerk is sent on an election duty in the conflict-ridden jungles of Chhattisgarh, which is under the control of the naxals. Faced with the danger of the looming guerilla attacks by the communist rebels, despite the odds stacked against him, Newton Kumar tries his best to conduct a fair voting process in the region

  • Release Date :22 Sep, 2017
  • Director :Amit Masurkar
  • Writer:Mayank Tewari
  • Genre :Drama Comedey
  • Duration : 1 hrs 47 mins
  • Music:Naren Chandavarkar,Benedict Taylor,
  • Language :Hindi
  • Cast & Crew :Rajkummar Rao,Anjali Patil,Rajhuvir Yadav,Mukesh Prajapati & Pankaj Tripathi
Show Timings:8:35pm