Maatr is a Hindi movie starring Raveena Tandon in a prominent role.Maatr The cast also includes Madhur Mittal, Divya Jagdale, Rushad Rana and Anurag Arora. It is a thriller drama movie directed by Ashtar Sayed, with Michael Pellico as the writer and producer, forming part of the crew.

  • Release Date :21 Apr, 2017
  • Genre : Thriller Drama
  • Duration :
  • Director:Ashtar Sayed
  • Writer:Michael Pellico
  • Music:
  • Language:Hindi
  • Cast & Crew:Raveena Tondan,Madhur Mittal,Divya Jagdale,Anurag Arora,Rushad Rana & Shailendra Goyal

Show Timings:12:35 & 5:30 pm.