Anna Karenina Vronskys Story

Based on Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel, Anna Karenina Vronskys Storythe film recounts the story of doomed love that has enthralled generations of readers. When aristocrat Anna Karenina gives up on her family and enters into an affair with the flamboyant Count Alexei Vronsky, it marks the beginning of the most tragic chapter in her life. Years later, Vronsky finds himself in the company of Anna’s son Sergei Karenin in a remote village, where fate offers them a chance to return to the events long past and find the answers both have long been seeking.

  • Release : 08 Dec, 2017
  • Genre :Drama Romance
  • Duration :2 hrs 20 mins
  • Language :English
  • Director:Karen Shakhnazarov
  • Writer:Karen Shakhnazarov & Yuriy Poteenko
  • Music:Yuriy Poteenko
  • Cast&Crew:Elizaveta Boyarskaya,Maksim Matveyev,Kirill Grebenshchikov & Vladimir Ilin
 Show Timing:10:15pm